My name is Michael Blue and I built Pixel !nk as a hub for my past works. I have been striving to learn as much as I can about all the phases of production as possible. The various fields I have worked in include photography (still and motion, film and video), lighting, editing, special effects, computer generated imagery (cgi), sound design, sound engineering, foley, sound mixing, photo manipulation, and web design.

After graduating college with a degree in Cinema, I worked for MD Movieworks, where I got my feet wet in all areas of production. There I was the go to guy for all the "new" digital technology, since the others were from the old school of film and analog mediums. After a couple of years there the owner decided to retire, and there began my work for Mammoth Financial. Mammoth Financial is a company that dealt with many different brands of websites including travel, product sales, dating, diet and fitness and affiliate programs. The product I was creating content for was a virtual screen saver called deskmoves.

There I was tasked with shooting thousands of clips from breakdancing to cirque du soleil, over greenscreen. After the interface was built by the programmers, I had to R & D the product to create the optimal codec to run the largest character to quality ratio. Then I had to key, rotoscope, transform, color correct, render and clean and resync the audio of thousands of video clips.